Buggy Safari Adventure

Antalya Buggy safari tour

Buggy Safari & Rafting in Antalya;

By combining Antalya Buggy Safari & Rafting tours, we allow you to have a double adventure in one day. Buggy safari vehicles are four-wheeled, seated for two people and do not require a driver's license. The rafting tour is carried out with safety precautions and expert guides, and swimming skills are not required. To experience a 3-hour Rafting tour and a 1-hour Buggy safari tour with their unique natural tracks at the most affordable prices, you can purchase them by following the discounted tour options we update every week. These daily adventure activities take place in the Köprülü Canyon region. You can choose to come with your own vehicle, or you can contact us for transportation; What matters is just having fun. Book your place now by making an early reservation for the Rafting & Buggy safari combination.

  • Get ready for a double adventure with Buggy Safari & Rafting tours in Antalya!
  • Buggy safari vehicles are four-wheeled and do not require a driver's license.
  • Swimming skills are not required for the rafting tour accompanied by expert guides.
  • You can follow discounted tour options to experience the 3-hour Rafting tour and 1-hour Buggy safari tour at the most affordable prices.
  • You can contact us for transportation for these adventure activities taking place in the Köprülü Canyon region, or you can come with your own vehicle.
  • You can reserve your place for the Rafting & Buggy safari combination by making an early reservation.
  • Call us now to experience unforgettable moments in the unique nature of Antalya!

You are in the right place to discover the beauties of Antalya! Contact us to have an unforgettable holiday experience with Antalya's unique tours and adventures. Buggy safari on natural tracks, rafting water sports, delicious breaks in historical places and many different activity options are waiting for you. Exciting moments and unforgettable memories are waiting for you, call now and open the doors of an unforgettable holiday in Antalya! Click for easy and safe reservation!

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