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ATV Quad Safari

ATV Quad Safari vehicles are similar to motorcycles and are designed to easily cross even the most difficult and rugged terrains with their 3- and 6-wheel models, and 4-wheelers are generally preferred. It has a type of gasoline 4 x 4 internal combustion engine. The maximum capacity is 2 people. The magnificent land of Antalya hosts unique tracks for ATV Quad Safari tours. 4x4 wheel drive vehicles are vehicles with a powerful internal combustion gasoline engine that capacity 2 people and look like a motorcycle. No special skills or driver's license is required to participate in ATV Quad Safari tours. After receiving the unique safety equipment, you will take short warm-up tours after the information given by the expert instructor. Those who want to participate in the ATV Quad Safari tour must make a reservation at least 1 day in advance. Due to busy season, same-day reservations are not possible.


duration Tour Duration- Minimum parkour 40 minute

age-15 Age limit- Children over 15 years old and anyone without serious health problems can participate.

freecancel Free cancellation- full refund up to 24 hours in advance

book now pay later Book now and pay later- Don't limit yourself when planning your trips. Book now and pay later.

transportation Round-trip transfer is optional- Don't forget to let us know your hotel or location 1 day before the tour. Pick-up time depending on your location. You must be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.

guide Languages spoken by the guides- English, Russian, Turkish

Experience & Highlights;

  • Put on your mask and blow up the dust.
  • Follow the lead guide vehicle and stay on track.
  • Have a different experience with its unique track.
  • Excite the person sitting behind you with 2-person ATV Quad safari vehicles.
  • Join Rafting Tour with ATV Quad Safari tour and double the excitement.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to have a free open buffet lunch by the river with Combined packages.
  • Do a few warm-up laps and step on the gas.

Meeting point;

Do not forget to contact us at least 1 day before your arrival and ask for location information and meeting time. For location information, you can CONTACT us via our WhatsApp line.

Services included in the ATV Quad Safari tour:

  • ATV Quad Safari
  • Guidance Service
  • Open buffet lunch (only given in Combo packages)
  • Equipment (helmet)
  • Transfer (Optional)

Services not included:

  • x HD Video
  • x Photo
  • x Alcoholic and non -alcoholic beverages
  • x Personal Expenses
  • x Water Shoes
  • x Legging Veil
  • x Glasses

ATV Quad Safari Tour Program:

As with every sport, it has its own rules for doing an ATV Quad safari. If you do not have any known serious health problems, you can participate with peace of mind. The ATV Quad safari age limit is recommended to be +5 years and above, provided that they participate with their parents. You are not required to have a driver's license to participate in the ATV Quad safari tour. You don't drive in traffic full of vehicles. If you want to make the predetermined tracks more fun, you should listen to the expert's informative speech before starting the tour and avoid any undesirable behavior. ATV Quad offroad tours that take place in dusty, muddy and rugged terrains are a very exciting activity. ATV Quad safari course is held in Koprulu Canyon, which is a rafting area. Guests who come to our meeting point at 11:00 in the morning are given helmets, one of the important equipment, after the necessary information is given. (veil or glasses can be purchased optionally) We move one by one. Since the participants do not know the route, the lead guide is followed. Dusty and muddy areas are passed on the tracks with different rugged areas. This ends the activity, which lasted at least 40 minutes. A Generally, a combo package containing rafting tours together with ATV Quad Safari tours is recommended. You will double the excitement of the ATV Quad safari tour combined with a 14 km rafting tour. With these two activities, the tour duration takes approximately 3.5 hours in total and the open buffet lunch is free. For more detailed information about our Combo Packages, you can get detailed information from our CONTACT lines or by writing on our WhatsApp online line. We continue to offer the most fun activities in Antalya.


Be sure to prepare a small bag before coming to the ATV Quad safari tour. Do not bring earrings, necklaces, anklets, etc. with you. You will not need your valuable belongings, such as your mobile phone or wallet, during the tour. Since there is a high probability that it will fall and break, you can leave it in your vehicle before the tour or hand it over to the authorities here. You can pick up your belongings at the end of the tour. We are not responsible for your belongings lost during the tour. If you are going to join our tour in combination with the rafting tour, you can bring shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, bikinis and burkinis. There are cabins where you can change your clothes. You can also bring a towel as there will be a lot of swimming and getting wet activities.

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