Antalya Relax Boat Tour

Antalya relax boat tour

Antalya Calm, Relax Boat Tour

Antalya Belek Relax yacht & boat tour is for those who love difference and the most beautiful routes in Antalya. It has a tour program suitable for all ages where you will get a different experience by watching the Antalya region over the sea.

Antalya Belek, Kundu Relax Boat Tour Program;

· 10:00 departure

· Turtle Bay 30 minutes swimming break

· 12:00, 30 minutes swimming break in the waterfall area

· Free Open Buffet Lunch Break (Grilled chicken, pasta, seasonal salad, haydari, seasonal fruits, 1 free soft drink)

· 30 minutes swimming break off the hotels area

· 15:30 return

There are some important conditions you should pay attention to before joining a relax boat tour in Antalya. We list these conditions and present them to you:

1. You must meet the age limit set by the tour company. Generally, those under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or an adult authorized by the parent.

2. It is important that you do not have any health problems during the tour. Especially if you have conditions such as seasickness, allergic reactions or heart diseases, you should consult your doctor before the tour.

3. You must follow the dress and equipment rules set by the tour company. You should take sun protection equipment such as sunscreen cream, hats, slippers with you.

4. During the tour, you must follow the rules of the cruise and be respectful to other participants. You must pick up the garbage thrown into the sea and not harm the nature.

5. You should follow the instructions of the tour guide for emergencies and ask for help when necessary.

By paying attention to these conditions, you can have a pleasant experience on a relax boat tour in Antalya.


It is quite easy to book a boat tour in Antalya. With online booking, you can choose the package that suits your budget online. You can also make easy tour reservations with Antalya Adventures, Antalya's most popular activity site.

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