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As it is known, rafting is a sport that can be done in harmony with the team. You do not need to have very special skills to be able to rafting in the Koprulu Canyon national park area within the borders of Antalya province. As we said at the beginning, you need to act in synchronisation with your boat crew and follow the commands of your expert guide. Thus, you will be integrated with your boat in a short time and enjoy the water and the waterfall.

With Antalya Adventures' guarantee, you can raft in peace with trained, experienced guides who know the region well in the Beskonak Koprulu Canyon, a natural wonder with its clear waters and sparkling waterfalls. If you choose Antalya Adventures, it means “you have a lot to experience.”

As a team, before the start of a rafting tour, we give our participants a half hour of visual information about what needs to be done, and then answer all the questions you want to know about the tour. During the tour, you will be told about what to do, what not to do and how to use your equipment.

Koprucay, also known as Koprulu Canyon, one of the most important tourism centers in our country, has ranked first as the busiest rafting region in Turkey with its history and unique natural beauties. Participants of almost all ages visit the region because the difficulty level is not high and the water flow is slightly lower, especially in the summer months. Our region, which has recently become a popular destination for citizens from different parts of the world and preferred by locals and especially foreigners, has become one of the most frequently visited places due to its proximity to the hotel area. Koprulu Canyon is the first region visited by adventure enthusiasts.

One of the questions we frequently encounter is "Can pregnant women go rafting?" Our answer to this question would be that it is absolutely forbidden.

Rafting, a sport in which teams of 6-8-10-12 people compete in foamy and raging waters, accompanied by a guide in each boat, is one of the most exciting sports in terms of adrenaline. Weather conditions are very important when Rafting. The lack of wind and high air temperature are ideal for Rafting.

The season when the river's water level rises is usually April and November. The distance between the starting point and the finishing point on Koprucay is 14.5 km in total across the river. In total it consists of 15 waterfalls, 5 of which are large.

The river water temperature is 12 degrees and does not change in summer and winter. The most important reason for this is that most of Koprucay's water consists of natural cold water springs coming out of the rocks. These water sources emerge from the Canyon, 2 km above the starting point. The river's width is on average 13 meters and its depth varies from 1 meter to 4 meters depending on location.

In the international federation, the difficulty level is +4. This way, you and your family can safely enjoy the water with your children aged 7 years and above. Doing this with experienced guides is the most important factor in preventing possible untoward accidents. For this reason, it is advisable that the activity be carried out by qualified guides.

Schedule of Rafting programs in Antalya;

The transfer start time for our customers from Antalya centre, Manavgat, Side, Belek, Alanya and Kemer is approximately from 08:10 to 09:40. Our journey, which takes approximately one hour and twenty minutes in a wonderful forest view, depending on the distance of the place where we pick up our guests, ends at the Antalya Adventures meeting point in Beskonak village. Our guests are welcomed by our customer representative with sincerity and smiling face that will make you feel at home.

After 15-20 minutes of rest and free time, our expert boat guides provide information to our guests in all languages according to their nationality. Then, the tools and equipment are distributed to those who will participate in any of our tours, with the help of guides, and detailed information is given on how to use them. After all these preparations are completed, you get into the vehicles and reach the START point by traveling 14 km and 16 minutes.

Historic Kemerli Tas Kopru (Oluk Kopru), which offers incredible historical visuals, under natural water springs and waterfalls seeping through the untouched rocks, our guests can take professional photos or videos taken by our staff as a memory.

Accompanied by our guides, you will be taken to boats for 6-8-10-12 people in groups, and for our guests who wish, double canoes are available upon request.

On the average six to eight km of our 14 km track, our guides take a rest break for about 30 minutes and organise different fun activities such as Body Rafting, jumping, various rowing games.

After the eighth km, a second break is given for lunch between the fragrant pine scents of the Red Pine Forest and the cool waters of the river. Eating time is approximately 35-40 minutes. After a delicious and tasty meal, the tour continues accompanied by the guides and reaches the finishing line.

You can watch 35-40 minutes of video material, and if you wish, also purchase captured photos and videos to forever preserve the activities made especially for you during the 14 km tour.

Our tour ends at approximately 16:30. Our guests say goodbye to our guides and get into their cars. They are sent back to the points from which they were picked up with happy smiling faces.

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