Antalya in history

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Antalya in history;

The history of Antalya and its surroundings dates back thousands of years. The first people to settle here were the Turks and the Etilers who migrated to the west from Central Asia. The name of the region in ancient times was known as Pamphylia. There were people who migrated frequently from the Greek islands to the surrounding areas.
Those who came did not create new cities, but chose to settle in established cities such as Aspendos and Side. At one point, the Lydian king took over the region, but later it came under the rule of the Iranians. Macedonian King Alexander invaded the region while on his way to the east. After Alexander's death, it came under the rule of the novel. Later, it was taken over by the Pergamon state and the united republic was first established in this region.


Olympos Antalya- Kemer Olympos Transportation | History of Olympos
You can get off at Olympos junction by taking any of the Kaş-Fethiye buses that depart from Antalya bus terminal every half hour.

Olympos (Olympos) in mythology:

It is known as the highest mountain in Greece with 2,918 m. It is located in the eastern part of the rugged region separating Macedonia and Thessaly. Because of the height and majestic appearance of Mount Olympus, the Greeks believed that their Gods lived here. In Greek mythology, it is said that the 12 main gods had a magnificent palace on the sharp and highest peaks of this mountain, and the highest of them all was the palace of Zeus, the king of the gods. According to mythology, Zeus lives at the highest point of this high mountain. It is said that he sends his lightning to the earth from this hill.

Over time, the Greeks gave up the belief that their gods lived on a mountain so close to them that was constantly under snow. Because now they could climb Mount Olympus. They began to see these hills, which could be climbed and explored, as something unworthy of their gods. Additionally, while Mount Olympus was once thought to be at the center of the world, it was later understood that this thought was wrong. For this reason, over time, people adopted the belief that the sky is where the gods live.

The city of Olympos is one of the most popular places in Antalya and must be visited by thousands of local and foreign visitors. When you enter the city, you will say that these ancient people knew where to establish a living city. Today, we are still looking forward to active archaeological excavations and bringing more history to light.

How to Get to Olympos?

You can take any of the Kaş and Fethiye buses that depart from Antalya bus terminal every half hour and say that you want to get off at Olympos junction. The vehicle that will pick you up from the minibus stop at the intersection will take you to Olympos. The distance from the junction to Olympos is approximately 12 km. If you are going with your own vehicle, the situation is much simpler. If you are going to depart from Antalya center, follow the direction of Kemer and the signs will direct you to where you want to reach. Getting to Olympos is quite easy.

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