Antalya Fishing Tour

Antalya Fishing Tour

Antalya Fishing Tour

Antalya, with its unique natural beauties, clear sea, and rich marine life, is an indispensable destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. This marvelous city is also an ideal spot for those looking to experience unique activities on the sea. Taking a fishing tour in Antalya, diving into the blue waters, experiencing the thrill of fishing, and at the same time observing the magnificent views of the Mediterranean from the sea is an excellent opportunity. This tour is specially organized for those who want to spend a day in the clear waters of Antalya, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the sun.

The tour starts at the first light of day, at 06:30 from the Antalya fishing harbor. As soon as guests step onto the boat, they set sail towards the cool waters of the Mediterranean. Watching the sunrise while sipping coffee, experiencing the peace of the sea in the early hours, are just a few of the unique experiences offered by this tour. The boat sails 2-3 miles out for fishing, providing guests the chance to fish among various species. With the onboard fish finder sonar system, the most productive fishing spots are determined, while also offering support on sea fishing techniques.

The fishing activity continues from 07:00 in the morning until 12:30 in the afternoon. During this time, fishing in the rich waters of the Mediterranean makes your experience even more unforgettable. After fishing, the boat anchors off the magnificent coasts of Rat Island for lunch. Guests have the opportunity to cool off and sunbathe in the blue waters of the Mediterranean after their meal. The tour concludes with a return to the starting harbor at 15:30. This special experience offers participants the opportunity to discover the unique beauties of the Mediterranean and enjoy pleasant times on the sea.

The services offered for those wishing to experience an unforgettable fishing tour in Antalya are meticulously prepared to enjoy the sea and this special event without compromising your comfort. Below are the services included in this tour and the details of each:

Included services in the Antalya fishing tour;

  • Touristic Fishing License: This service, provided by the Turkey Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, officially grants participants the right to fish. This license is obtained one day before the tour starts, with the participants' passport information. Therefore, those wishing to experience this must provide valid passport details during reservation.
  • Special Boat Fishing Rods and Equipment: Participants are provided with all the necessary equipment to maximize their fishing experience. This equipment includes special boat fishing rods, hooks, clips, and leads. Thus, both experienced fishermen and those trying this activity for the first time have everything they need.
  • Fishing Bait (Shrimp): Shrimp, an efficient bait for the best fishing experience, is provided to participants. Shrimp attracts many types of fish and increases your chance of catching fish during the activity.
  • One Soft Drink and Water per Person: Each participant is provided with one soft drink and water to stay hydrated throughout the tour. This is especially important for cooling off and maintaining your energy in the middle of the sea on hot summer days.
  • Hot Beverage Service (Tea, Coffee): Hot tea and coffee service is provided to participants throughout the day. This offers a comforting warmth, especially in the early morning or in cool weather conditions, while on the sea.
  • Lunch (Chicken Skewers, Rice, Salad, Seasonal Fruits): During the tour, participants are served a delicious lunch. The menu usually consists of chicken skewers, rice, salad, and fresh fruits suitable for the season. This helps maintain your energy throughout the day and completes a pleasant day spent on the sea.

This fishing tour in Antalya offers both an exciting adventure and a relaxing experience. All services provided are carefully selected to maximize the comfort and satisfaction of participants.

Services not included in the Antalya fishing tour:

  • Soft drinks, water, and alcoholic beverages: The consumption of soft drinks, water, and alcoholic beverages consumed during the tour are not included in the tour package. These types of beverages are optional and can be purchased by participants for an additional fee.
  • Rental of special fishing equipment such as spinning rods, jigs, and artificial baits other than the free boat rod provided on the boat: Rental services for equipment necessary for special fishing techniques, such as spinning rods, jigs, and artificial baits, are provided for an additional fee, apart from the standard boat rods offered for free during the tour. Fishing enthusiasts who want to use this special equipment during the tour can rent them separately.
  • Cooking and serving the fish you catch upon request: The service of cooking and serving the fish caught by participants during the tour is not included in the tour package. This is a special service, and participants who wish their catch to be cooked and served to them must pay an additional fee for this service.

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