Ancient Cities in Antalya

Aspendos Antalya

Antalya Ancient Cities;

There are many archaeological sightseeing area in Antalya that cannot be finished with just visiting. As Antalya Adventures, we will try to mention some of these natural centres. Some of the valuable artifacts found during exploration and archaeological research are exhibited in Antalya Museum. Archaeological architectural structures are also open to visitors every month of the year.


Perge, which has a Greek name, is located 18 km east of Antalya, within the borders of Aksu district. The ancient city of Perge was the capital of the Pamphylia Region. It is estimated that the Acropolis in our ancient city was founded during the Bronze Age. It was the most beautiful and richest city in the old world during the Hellenistic period. It is the city where the well-known historical mathematician Apollonius of Perge was born.


Aspendos, the best ancient city and theater of Roman architecture dating back to the 10th century BC, located in the Serik district of Antalya, is an important tourism area that should be visited, close to the Turkey river tourism rafting area.


The gate of Antalya Castle, as it is known today, was built during the Roman period for King Hadrian's visit to the city. It is one of our important centers used by various civilizations in the following centuries.


The emergence of the city of Termessos, whose founding date is unknown, dates back to Alexander the Great. He besieged the city in 333 BC, Termessos was defended with a strong will and the city did not surrender to this siege.

Simena Ancient City;

Simena is located in Demre district. Myra (Demre) is one of the rare settlements in Turkey that can only be reached from the sea. Demre is one of the important cities of Lycia. Traditional Santa Claus (Santa Claus) events are held in Demre every year on December 6th. Myra rock tombs, coins and Lycian inscriptions found in Demre are estimated that the city has existed at least since the 5th century BC.

Kekova Special Environmental Protection Region was established in order to protect the cultural, geographical and natural values of Kekova Island and its surrounding coasts. Covering an area of approximately 260 km², Simena Ancient City is a registered tourism area as a first degree archaeological site.

Side Ancient City;

The history of the Ancient City of Side, which means Pomegranate in Anatolian language, dates back to the Hittites, as understood from some inscriptions. It is estimated that it was used as a sacred place (open air church) during the Christian Period by building chapels inside the theatre.

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