About Canyoning Tour

About Canyoning Tour

Canyoning Trips;

Canyoning trips are organized every day, accompanied by fully qualified local guides who work in the region and are experienced in their field. These guides determine routes by showing participants the proper use of equipment and ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable experience. In canyoning tours, you may encounter undesirable results without an experienced team and appropriate equipment. For this reason, it is of great importance that this sport is performed and managed by an experienced guide who knows the region well.

  • Before participating in canyoning tours, it is important to have basic canyoning equipment such as helmet, life jacket, climbing rope and crampons.
  • Local guides explain to the participants in detail how to take the right steps during canyoning, how to pass between rocks and how to behave in difficult spots.
  • Guides are also responsible for taking necessary precautions in case of emergency and keeping participants safe.
  • Preserving the natural environment is also of great importance in canyoning tours, so guides remind participants to be environmentally sensitive and protect natural life.
  • Participants must be physically ready and follow the guides' instructions when going on a canyoning tour. In this way, everyone's safety is ensured.

Canyon tours offer a great opportunity for anyone who wants to go on an exciting adventure surrounded by nature. These tours usually include activities such as hiking in water canyons, climbing, swimming and jumping from waterfalls. For the safety of the participants, they are guided by experienced guides who know the region well. For those who want to experience fun and unforgettable moments, canyon trips may be an experience not to be missed. The most important point to remember is to comply with the safety rules and act with professional guides in such events. In this way, everyone's safety is ensured and they are given the opportunity to have a pleasant time in harmony with nature.

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