Antalya Canyoning

About Canyoning Tours;

  • Know the Season and what conditions to expect at different times of the year.
  • Where are you going? Map and survey the area. Depending on your skill level and what you want to do there, give yourself time and be confident.
  • Are All Appropriate Equipment Ready? If you're planning on climbing, rappelling, or water retrieving, make sure you have everything you need and the resources to accomplish your goal. If you have the slightest doubt, make sure you have an adequate guide with you or don't go.
  • Use common sense
  • Anticipate All Possible Hazards
  • Use Resources and Ask for Help

Although canyoning sounds nice, it can be a very dangerous sport. So there are a few things you need to check before giving yourself a safe and fun time. With organized tour groups, these things can become pretty simple for you.Most of the time, canyon trips around the world are organized by guides who know the area well. Even if you have the skills and experience to walk on your own, going to an unfamiliar area for the first time can have dangerous consequences. Therefore, it would be good to have someone who is an expert in the field and knows the area well. If you're planning an independent canyoning trip, be sure to read all about the canyon and local area before your arrival; so you become as familiar as possible with all the quirks and danger points of your location. It would be a good idea to check the weather report all week during your trip to make sure there isn't any heavy rain coming that could cause dangerous rainfall or flash floods. Our suggestion is that even if you have canyoning experience in other regions, if you are going canyoning in Koprulu Canyon for the first time, be sure to use the guidance of our team.

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